Production Facility

Production facility has been developed as per GMP of WHO and global regulatory requirements for biological and vaccines. The facility can manufacture any dose size from 0.1 mL to 15 mL. The facility has four filling lines- among these two lines for liquid vial filling, one for lyophilizer vial filling and one for liquid ampoule filling. The capacity of lines is as follow:

Line Number Container Type Product Specification Fill Volume Capacity
Line-1 Vials Lyophilized 0.5 to 10 ml 6000 Vial/Hour or 40000 Vials per Lyo Cycle
Line-2 Ampoules Liquid or Suspension 0.1 to 2ml 12000 Ampoules/ hour
Line-3 Vials Liquid or Suspension 0.5 to 2 ml 6000 Vial/Hour
Line-4 Vials Liquid or Suspension 0.5 to 15 ml 6000 Vial/Hour

For example, 48000 vials of single dose of Typhoid vaccine can be produced at a time and maximum 96000 vials per day. The total installed yearly capacity is 180 million doses in single dose units. In case of multiple dose formulations, the company can supply at least 500 million doses. Almost entire private sector requirements are supplied by utilizing only 15% of installed capacity.

The facility is working on setting up of two new filling lines- One for PFS line with the capacity of 3500 PFS/hr (0.5ml -1.1ml) and one for plasma product filling line with the capacity of 6000 vials/hr.