About Us


Incepta Vaccine Ltd is the first human vaccine manufacturing company in Bangladesh. The manufacturing unit is situated at Zirabo, Savar which is conveniently located at the outskirt of Dhaka city. It is established with an objective to introduce modern concepts in manufacturing vaccine by acquiring advanced knowledge and technique. Prime objective of this company is to protect vast populations of Bangladesh as well as developing world from various infectious diseases at an affordable cost. It has a vision to develop novel vaccines against diseases of the developing world.


Incepta Vaccine Ltd, a state-of-the-art facility fully compliant with WHO GMP requirements, is a large vaccine manufacturing facility that has the capacity to manufacture 180 million single dose vials and ampoules per year. A large pool of scientists are engaged in different areas of specialties like research and development, quality control, quality assurance, production and other related areas.

An advanced fully GMP compliant R&D facility is operational which can independently handle several projects simultaneously involving Bacteria and Virus.

An antigen bulk facility compliant with WHO GMP requirements has been developed providing the best environmental conditions for performing the operations. The facility can manufacture both Bacterial and Viral bulk antigen. Antigen bulk facility is equipped with modern production fermenters with capacity of 1500 L, 750 L and 500 L.

A world class large lab animal house has been developed where vaccines are directly tested in animal to measure the potency, safety and immunogenicity.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd also ensures the quality of vaccine having a validated well designed and equipped cold chain system from factory to final delivery point. Many classified and unclassified cold rooms (from temperature -20 0C to +10 0C) are in place to store all critical material at required temperature to maintain their efficacy.