Animal House
Animal House

All the biological need to be tested in animals for toxicity and potency before going to be used by human beings. For the same reason and as per our quality policy, Incepta developed the biggest animal house covering an area of 24,000 square feet. The animal house has been developed as per the guidelines of WHO with a concept of Clean and Dirty Corridor.

This animal house meets the requirement of all the international standards and has been divided into three floors. Ground floor is used as quarantine area, feed storage and preparation area, bedding area, laundry and washing and sterilization area. First Floor is dedicated to experimental area with specific lab for pyrogen testing and Biosafety level 3 laboratory for challenge testing. Second floor is dedicated for breeding and holding area along with treatment and sick animal room.

Presently we are keeping following animals in this animal house:

  1. New Zealand White Rabbit
  2. Duncan Hartley Guinea pigs
  3. Swiss Albino mice
  4. Balb C Mice

Capacity:Following is capacity of animal house at any given time

Animals Breeding Capacity Holding Capacity
Rabbits 75 200
Guinea Pigs 200 1000
Mice 500 6000


All rooms are having a controlled environment maintained by dedicated air handling unit by which temperature and RH can be controlled as per the requirement. Each room has 15 air changes per hour to minimize the smell and have good sanitation.

Regulatory Norms: The animal house has been designed with all regulatory norm. To bring fresh material there is a clean corridor and all waste go out through surrounding dirty corridors. All the infectious material going out from animal house is decontaminated with a dedicated double door sterilizer and then send for disposal. Animals are provided with tested feed as per requirement and the drinking water is RO and UV treated and finally filtered before giving to animals. Both fresh and palliated food is provided to animals.

Entry to animal house is restricted and each floor has change rooms for male and females. There is material airlock in each floor for separate man and material movement. All the bedding is sterilized before using for animals. For the movement of animals to various floor, a dedicated elevator is provided.

Energy Saving: As each air handling unit is 100 % exhaust, so lot of energy is required to maintain the room conditions. As a energy conscious company, Incepta has invested huge amount of money in highest quality air conditioning system to get the highest efficiency which in turn save highly valuable energy. Over this each air handling units are provided with heat recovery wheel, so that we can recover almost 75 % of energy.

Waste Disposal and Containment: As this facility is used for various virus and bacterial challenges, so we have made a Biosafety 3 standard laboratory. In this laboratory all challenge tests are done. This laboratory is provided with a Class A Biosafety cabinet with its duct connecting to incinerator which throughout the infected air in environment after heating it at 500. This kills all the organisms. All the dead animals are stored in -20oC deep freezer and weekly incinerated. All the waste generated in infectious area of animal house is collected and decontaminated, before being sent for disposal.