Quality Control Laboratory

Quality Control Laboratory of Incepta Vaccine Ltd is separated from production areas that is fully dedicated to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in a laboratory's internal analytical process in order to improve the quality of the results reported by the laboratory. The laboratory is designed to perform different tests as specified by EP/BP/WHO with separate air handling unit that has been provided for cell culture and sterility testing laboratories in the Q.C section. The availability of all required equipments/machinery with Q.C. department makes it a self-independent unit.

Quality Control Laboratory is provided for performing chemical and analytical tests on raw material, packaging material and final product. Beside this, it also handles all hazardous chemicals that are provided with material safety data and other biosafety documentation. For the storage of samples, reference standard, retained samples and other materials are strictly maintained in referred temperature to prevent the zero loss.

Quality Control Laboratory is well equipped with modern and high-tech equipments imported from world-recognized company and all the equipments are validated and calibrated as per SOP’s. The following QC equipments are available in this laboratory -

Elisa plate reader, Elisa plate washer, UV- Spectrophotometer, TOC analyzers, Filter integrity tester, Particle counter, Automatic distillation and digestion equipment, HPLC , Automatic moisture analyzer, Conductivity and pH meter and many other latest modern equipments.