Bulk Facility

Incepta has Bangladesh only Bulk manufacturing facility. It is state of art capacity which is compliant to any International regulatory requirement, including WHO. The whole facility is covering more than 50,000 square feet areas with advanced modern technologies and machineries, dedicated air handling unit and water system. A highly qualified, constantly trained team is working in this facility relentlessly for developing a new molecule.

The facility has dedicated floor for Viral and Bacterial vaccine antigen production with dedicated AAHUs to prevent cross contamination. Incepta has two bacterial bulk antigen suites and one viral antigen bulk suite with all required equipments needed for various up streaming and down streaming processes to produce the best purified, efficacious and safe antigen as per various regulatory requirements. The capacity of the bulk antigen facility –

Area of Bulk facility Capacity of Fermenters Doses/ year
Bacterial Suite-1 1500 L 270 Million doses of various bacterial antigens in one year
Bacterial Suite-2 750 L
Viral Suite 450 L 20 Million doses of various viral antigens in one year