Storage facility

Incepta Vaccine Ltd has storage area of sufficient capacity to allow orderly storage of material and their speedy disposal. It has well designed, technologically modern, several cold rooms to store vaccine bulk, in process material and finished material.

All the cold rooms are duly provided with alarm system for detecting temperature deviation and are under continuous monitoring with wireless data loggers, an electronic device that can record each minute reading to ensure the proper temperature of storage in cold rooms.

The following cold rooms are built at the storage area of vaccine facility -

  • To store the frozen vaccine bulk at -20℃, two cold rooms of - 20℃ have been built with sufficient capacity. One room is capable to store 30 million doses equivalent and another is capable to store 90 million doses equivalent at a time.
  • Separate - 20℃ cold rooms and 5 ± 3℃ cold rooms are provided for the in p℃ess and the finished vaccines under quarantine and release. Total capacity to store 100 million doses of finished products at - 20℃ is available and 500 million doses at + 2℃ to +8℃ is available.
  • + 2℃ to +8℃ cold rooms are also provided for storing various bulks or ready to fill products.