Cold Chain System

"Cold chain" refers to the process used to maintain optimal conditions during the transport, storage, and handling of vaccines, starting at the manufacturer and ending with the administration of the vaccine to the client. It is recommended by WHO, vaccine must be stored and transported at all times within the temperature range of +2 oC to +8 oC(for some vaccine, temperature is below -20 oC). Stability of vaccine is maintained by cold chain system.

Importance of maintaining the cold chain

  1. 1. There is a need to ensure that an effective product is being used. Vaccine failures caused by administration of compromised vaccine may result in the re-emergence or occurrence of vaccine preventable disease.
  2. 2. Careful management of resources is important. Vaccines are expensive and can be in short supply. Loss of vaccines may result in the cancellation of immunization clinics resulting in lost opportunities to immunize.
  3. 3. Revaccination of people who have received an ineffective vaccine is professionally uncomfortable and may cause a loss of public confidence in vaccines and/or the health care system.

Our cold chain system

Vaccine storage facility in factory

Incepta Vaccine Ltd has storage area of sufficient capacity to allow orderly storage of material and their speedy disposal. It has well designed, technologically modern, several cold rooms to store vaccine bulk, in process material and finished material.

All the cold rooms are duly provided with alarm system for detecting temperature deviation and are under continuous monitoring with wireless data loggers, an electronic device that can record each minute reading to ensure the proper temperature of storage in cold rooms.

The following cold rooms are built at the storage area of vaccine facility -

  • To store the frozen vaccine bulk two cold rooms of -20 oC have been built with sufficient capacity. One room is capable to store 30 million doses equivalent and another is capable to store 90 million doses equivalent at a time.
  • Separate - 20 oC cold rooms and 5 ± oC cold rooms are provided for the in process and the finished vaccines under quarantine and release. Total capacity to store 100 million doses of finished products at - 20 oC is available and 500 million doses at +2 oC to +8 oC is available. +2 oC to +8 oC cold room is also provided for storing various bulks or ready to fill products.

Vaccine storage facility in central warehouse and distribution point -

Central warehouse

Ware House

To store vaccines in central ware house in distribution area, there is a big cold room of 200 square feet area that is sufficient to store 500 million doses at +2 oC to +8 oC.

Distribution point

At present we have 20 distribution points to cover whole country. All the depots are self sufficient with cold room to store vaccines at +2 oC to +8 oC. Back-up power supply is provided for emergency cases.

Beside this, we have sufficient refrigerators in all depots to support in any emergency cases like any disturbance of cold room or to prevent random use of cold room.


  • For transport of finished products from factory to warehouse modern, high performance covered van is used where temperature is maintained +2 oC to +8 oC. It is capable of transporting 30,000 vials at a time.
  • A unique airliner cold box of WHO standard is introduced for distribution of vaccines from factory to central warehouse or directly to customers hand when there is a large volume supply. It has unique honeycomb baffles that blocks heat to transfer out and keep the specific temperature inside for long time, which is essential to maintain the quality of vaccine.
  • For distribution throughout the country along with van special plastic cold chain box of WHO standard is used which can carry 100 vials at a time.


  • Delivery
    A small designed cold chain box can provides 15 - 20 vials at a time through which vaccine is delivered in chemist shop.