The company has built a complete separate modern facility building as per cGMP guidelines and global regulatory requirement in respect to Biological and Vaccines.

The total built up production facility is about 100,000 square feet. The plant consists of a general purpose manufacturing building, a specialized modern microbiology laboratory and a high tech quality control laboratory. A separate area houses the Research & Development facility and Antigen bulk facility that can independently handle several projects simultaneously involving bacteria and virus. The company also have a cGMP compliant Animal house is also at this site. R&D facility has separate viral and bacterial antigen line divided in infectious and non infectious area. The facility is capable to work with any wild bacteria up to Biosafety Class 2 and virus up to Biosafety Class 3. The facility is designed so as to purify any protein or polysaccharide and use it as an antigen. The Company has following facilities:

  • Research and Development Facility
  • Antigen Bulk Facility
  • Fill Finish Facility
  • Microbiology Testing Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Animal House
  • Packing and Storage Area
  • Day Store
  • Dispensing Area
  • Stability Area & Retained Sample Area
  • Water Treatment Area
  • Utilities Area
  • Laundry
  • Central Warehouse and Central Power Plant

The facility is capable to manufacture:

  • Anti viral vaccines
  • Anti bacterial vaccines
  • Immunoglobulins