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Production Facility

The heart of operation, full finish facility is designed as per GMP to provide class A environment with background of class B, C & D environment. Each area is provided with dedicated AHU with highly sophisticated filters. The area has both positive pressure room (for aseptic filling & blend) and negative pressure room (for sealing) under class A environment.

The facility has 4 German filling lines that are independent of each other so that 4 different products can be manufactured simultaneously without risk of mixing.

All the lines are compact lines with continuous washing, sterilization, filling, stoppering and sealing. Each filling line is provided with a sterilizing autoclave and decontamination autoclave and connected to independent visual inspection and labeling machine so as to prevent the chances of cross contamination.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd can produce any dose size from 0.1 ml to 15 ml of different dosage form like suspension, solution & lyophilized cake. Incepta can produce 240,000 ampoule and 360,000 vials per day. The yearly installed capacity is about 180 million single dose products. The capacity to deliver number of doses would be much higher in case of multiple dose vials.