Avicolvax Vet

Inactivated Fowl Cholera Vaccine


Inactivated bacterin of Pasteurella multocida Group A, Serotype 1, Serotype 3 and Serotype 4


Oil based emulsion of inactivated Fowl cholera vaccine contains inactivated bacterin of Pasteurella multocida Group A, Serotype 1, Serotype 3 and Serotype 4. It is recommended for the prevention of Fowl cholera in layer and breeder poultry. It is presented in 500 & 1000 Doses pack size.


For active immunization of healthy chicken against Fowl cholera in Layer & Breeder poultry

Dosage and Administration:

Primary Vaccination: At 4-6 weeks of age (and onwards)
Booster Vaccination: At 8-10 weeks of age (After 3 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination) to get lifelong immunity.
Repeat vaccine: At every 6 month, in case if it is needed.
Dose: 0.5ml/ bird in the subcutaneous route (preferably in the neck region) or as directed by the registered Veterinarian.

Side Effects:

The vaccine is generally well tolerated at recommended dose.


• Vaccinate healthy chickens only
• Use sterile Injection during vaccination
• Do not mix with other vaccines
• Opened bottles should be used within 24 hours
• Do not store partially used containers for future use
• In case of Accidental self-vaccination consult with doctors
• Dispose unused vaccine after vaccination.


This vaccine is not recommended for the chicks that are clinically sick or under conditions of severe stress.

Withdrawal Period:

Not required


Protect from light, store at +2 to +8 degree Centigrade and do not freeze.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Commercial Pack:

Avicolvax Vet vaccine 500 doses
Avicolvax Vet vaccine 1000 doses