GuardFlu vet

Inactivated Avian Influenza Type A virus subtype H9N2


Inactivated Avian Influenza Type A virus subtype H9N2


GuardFlu vet vaccine is an Inactivated vaccine containing Avian Influenza Type A virus subtype H9N2. The vaccine is recommended broiler, sonali, layer and breeding stock for protection against Low Pathogenic Avian Infuenza (AI) H9N2.


For active immunization of healthy chickens against Low Pathogenic Avian Infuenza (AI) H9N2

Dosage and Administration:

1st dose: 7-14 days of age
2nd dose: 6-10 weeks of age
3rd dose: 14-15 weeks of age (3-4 weeks before lay).
In emergency cases vaccine can be given in laying poultry.

Inject 0.25 ml upto 2 weeks of age and 0.5 ml more than 2 weeks of age per bird intramuscularly in the thigh or breast muscle or subcutaneously in the lower part of the neck. Or as directed by registered veterinarian.

Side Effects:

The vaccine is generally well tolerated at recommended dose.


• Vaccinate healthy chickens only.
• Use sterile Injection during vaccination.
• Do not mix with other vaccines.
• Opened bottles should be used within 24 hours.
• Do not store partially used containers for future use.
• In case of Accidental self-vaccination consult with doctors.
• Dispose unused vaccine after vaccination.


This vaccine is not recommended for the chicks that are clinically sick or under conditions of severe stress. Sick or weak chickens will not develop adequate immunity following vaccination.

Withdrawal Period:

Not required


Protect from light, store at +2 to +8 degree Centigrade and do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of children.

Commercial Pack:

GuardFlu Vet vaccine 500 doses
GuardFlu Vet vaccine 1000 doses