RaniVax Plus Vet Booster

Newcastle Disease and Avian Infectious Bronchitis


Each dose of vaccine contains: Live attenuated Newcastle Disease (ND) Virus LaSota
strain NLT 106.0 EID50 and Avian Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Virus Massachusetts strain NLT
103.5 EID50.


RaniVax Plus Vet Booster vaccine is a live, freeze-dried vaccine containing Newcastle
Disease Virus LaSota strain and Infectious Bronchitis Virus Massachusetts strain which is
used to prevent ND & IB. The embryonated specific-pathogen-free (SPF) eggs were used
in the production of the vaccine.


For the booster active immunization of healthy chickens and other poultry birds against
Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis.

Dosage and Administration:

One drop of RaniVax Plus Vet Booster vaccine should be administered by eye/nasal instillation or administered through drinking water at 21-24 days old Broilers/Layers/Breeders or other poultry birds as a booster dose. For pullets, second booster vaccination is recommended at 10-12 weeks of age.

Eye drop/nasal instillation method

  • - For 300 doses: mix the diluent well with freeze-dried live vaccine by sterile syringe and needle at a ratio of 300 doses/9 ml.

  • - For 500 and 1000 doses: use the supplied connector to connect the diluent vial to the freeze-dried live vaccine vial and mix well at a ratio of 500 doses/15 ml and 1000 doses/30 ml.

  • - Shake well the reconstituted vaccine gently and frequently.

  • - Hold the chick with one eye/nostril turned up. Instill one drop of vaccine in one eye/nostril by dropper. Hold the chick till blink of eye to absorb the entire vaccine. Keep finger on downward nostril during nasal instillation.

Drinking water method

  • - Do not use a disinfectant in the drinking water for a period of 48 hours prior to 24 hours after vaccination. If a chlorine pump is used, switch it off for the same period of time.

  • - The drinkers should be thoroughly cleaned before vaccination without disinfectant.

  • - Water withholding period may vary according to age of birds and weather conditions (average 1 to 2 hours).

  • - Prepare the required volume of water that will be consumed by the chicken in 2 hours. This volume may change according to the weather and environmental conditions.
    AgeAmount of water/1000 chicken
    10-12 days10 liters
    13-18 days15 liters
    19-26 days25-30 liters
    Above 8 weeks40 liters or volume of water that will consumed by chicken in 2 hours

  • - Mix 2.5 gm of skimmed milk powder per liter of water as an aid in preserving the virus activity and neutralize the chlorine. Do not use water containing high concentration of metal ions.

  • - Mix the vaccine with clean, cool, non-chlorinated water by opening the vial under the water and let stand for 10 minutes.

  • - For nipple lines open the water system, lower the lines up to the normal height of the birds and check distribution throughout the house. When the tank is empty fill it with a solution of skimmed milk powder, let it stand for 10 minutes and then open the water system to flush out the remaining vaccine solution in the pipe. Vaccine solution can be distributed also manually using plastic watering cans.

Or as directed by the registered Veterinarian

Side Effects:

The vaccine is generally well tolerated. But, rarely catarrhal respiratory symptoms appear 4
to 6 days following vaccination but disappear in a few days


Satisfactory protection can be achieved only in healthy chicken. Always round the number
of doses same or up (e.g. 1000 doses for 1000 chicken), do not stretch the doses. All the
chicken in the flock must be vaccinated at the same time. Administer the vaccine during the
coolest time of the day. Dispose off all opened vaccine vials remaining after vaccination. Do
not refreeze the reconstituted vaccine. Improper storage or handling of the vaccine may
result in loss of potency and efficacy

Withdrawal Period:

Not required.


Protect from light, store at +2 OC to +8 OC and do not freeze. Keep out of the reach of
children. Diluent should be refrigerated before use.

Commercial Pack:

RaniVax Plus Vet Booster 300 doses: Each box contains 6 vials of 300 doses.
RaniVax Plus Vet Booster 500 doses: Each box contains 6 vials of 500 doses.
RaniVax Plus Vet Booster 1000 doses: Each box contains 6 vials of 1000 doses.